English Words, Yukon Blonde, ASK, Magic Hall of Mirrors, Black Unicorn and more…


English Words (formerly Smothered In Hugs) is coming to Phog from Charlottetown, PEI, and they’re going to thrill you.

Just take a listen to their songs on the myspace link provided above, and you will be clawing at the chance to see them rock Phog in a very unique way. This is a hugely anticipated show by those “in the know” with this band, as they have been turning heads across Canada in a very short period of time.


Not only will these east coast darlings play, but ASK (formerly Another Saturday Knight) with the new addition of Nancy Drew are going to revisit their show-prowess after a huge Rasied By Swans show last week.

And that’s not all…
Darren Dobsky and Sean Barry’s new side-project from Magic Hall of Mirrors – called Black Unicorn – will be making its debut as the opener of this evening.

The show begins at 9pm.
Three bands on a weekday means this show STARTS ON TIME at 9pm. Late? You miss.

It’s going to be beautiful.

And with video PROOF below this post…Yukon Blonde is returning to THRASH YOU!

They played at the end of February. They performed to a level unseen by most, stunning all in attendance with their vocal harmonies, driving/momentous songwriting, and pure sound.

The fact that this band is coming back to us is a treat…as this band is certainly on its way to much bigger things. We’re beyond grateful for their return, and we anticipate a robust, excited full house.


Magic Hall of Mirrors will be the local support! This is the perfect pairing of music stylings one could hope for, and the MHOM boys are psyched to play this show. It will truly be one of the year’s best.

Tickets are $10, or $7 advanced. That means you need to pop into Phog after 5pm to get your advanced tickets before Sunday, May 2nd.

This show begins at 9pm SHARP…as it’s a Sunday. People work the next day.


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