Back booth gets a makeover

A short while ago, a friend of Phog (Patricia) came into the bar and saw the sorry state of the upholstery on the bench at the back booth.

She asked if we wanted her to refinish it.

Frank agreed. I agreed. And the rest is history. She measured the seats and went looking for the right fabric to recover it. Patricia is a costume designer (and a damn great one at that) so we knew she’d have no problem refitting the bench. She disappeared on weekday night with the bench, and the next day it was being delivered around the opening hours.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It made such a difference in the booth, and in the back of the bar in general…
We’re very pleased to have it replaced, and very grateful for Patricia’s initiative to do this project.
See, sometimes, you just gotta ask.

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2 Responses to Back booth gets a makeover

  1. Clara says:

    I totally noticed that the other day, it’s soo much better!

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