Phogoween on Saturday April 30th

It’s six months before/after Halloween.

April 30th.

There’s so much excitement and fun surrounding October 30th. At Phog, we thought there should be another opportunity to get dressed up and have an awesome costume party.

We’ve had Phogoween twice before, and they were both hilarious nights, as most other passersby have no clue what our weird little building is up to…but it’s a fantastic chance to feel like you’re in October while Spring just starts rearing it’s shy head.

So on April 30th, you really ought to be in a costume to attend the HUGE event scheduled…which happens to include several bands/musicians that I think will be very into dressing up! Vaudevillianaires, Surdaster, Anonymous Bosch and The Nefidovs are playing…so it’s likely going to be a zombie-filled crowd, but all costumes are welcome!

What are you dressing up as for Phogoween?!

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