Ryan Bourne (band) Returns! And they’re bringing Deadhorse (Calgary) and Red Red Run – Saturday May 7th!

Psychedelic/rock show!


$5 cover for what could be a very rare occasion.

Ryan Bourne’s band played last year some time, or even longer ago, and they were the first of FOUR bands on a star-studded bill. What ended up happening was their music taking ownership of my attention more than any other band that night. i craved more and more the whole night, and am absolutely THRILLED that they’re coming back. They’re really quite wicked. I even bought a a beautiful vinyl album from them, and hope they have more to sell me this time around.

The Calgary band is bringing another Cow-Town band, Deadhorse, which is said to offer psychedelic/garage rock in a way that will impress most Windsor music fans.

And making their first appearance in a LONG TIME is Windsor/Essex’s Red Red Run…an outrageously gifted instrumental band. I was extremely impressed by them on their first visit to Phog around 8 months ago. What’s been taking them so long?

Come out to this show, and I have a very confident sense that you will thank me that you did.

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1 Response to Ryan Bourne (band) Returns! And they’re bringing Deadhorse (Calgary) and Red Red Run – Saturday May 7th!

  1. 3R!c says:

    ’twas a year ago! we had a BBQ session at our house before the gig, which included e-Dub Band and Meg Hamilton – great memories!

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