International Relations

I think there’s a lot to be gained by having friends that experience things you don’t.

That’s fairly obvious.

The touring band scene is a phenomenal way to make headway in learning about the country, the national music scene, and all things touring-musician-related and more.

But one of the greatest blind spots in neighbourly relations exists between Windsor and Detroit. The impact and influence from our Detroit counterparts is clear. Media lends us perspectives that we wouldn’t have otherwise. The ability to see grungy-bar-bands touring across the United States all the way to massive concert events are a matter of minutes away from downtown Windsor…IN DETROIT.

The ability to exchange ideas and influences, to mount collaborative efforts on cross-cultural events and productions is being missed in a big way. There are VERY few friendships across this border of ours and whenever we at Phog can leverage our current friendships with Detroit artists and musicians, we do. We will continue to make a greater effort to introduce PEOPLE and their talents on either side to one another.

This will materialize in the form of shared shows, field trips to Detroit with people willing to be connectors, and whatever else we can think of.

Last night’s show at Phog with Cellos (the local band that exploded to end the night), Car Parts (from Detroit), and Ian Link (from Detroit) was a perfect example of the best intentions of exposing everyone to new sounds and people on either side of the river. The Detroiters actually convinced other Detroiters to come over to this little spot and check out the Windsor scene in a microcosm. It was a resounding success. Seeing the new conversations and organic acquaintance-ships happening was beyond ideal, and I believe will lead to several new events and discoveries in the coming months.

The bands were phenomenal, which helped, and the crowd was responsive and curious. The musicians shared gear and were extraordinarily cordial. It was entertaining and rewarding.

Now that a new step has been taken, it’s about maintaining the conversations through the ubiquitous new media options online…not forgetting that sometimes the awful border experiences are absolutely worth the grind. Keep the connection online until you figure out how to make the trips easier.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this successful night. Thanks to Cellos for sharing gear and hurrying to play after work, and for promoting the show wonderfully. Thanks to Ian Link and Car Parts for making the arduous trip and kicking ass. I just wish they had an encore.

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