Phog Phest 3, September 17th – The Unveiling

Phog Phest 3 is now set, and over the coming days, we will be releasing the names of the bands that will be participating in this year’s festival.

There’s never enough room for all of the bands we WANT to invite to play Phog Phest, but we’re trying to keep it fresh, diverse, and create new/unlikely line-ups.

This year is shaping up to be phenomenal, because the headliner of Phog Phest 3 is none other than Polaris Prize short-liste…rs…and hometown favourites…Elliott Brood!!!

Tickets are on sale now at Phog Lounge (they will be for sale soon at Dr. Disc) for $15. For the price of two or three bands, you will get an all-day outdoor event with hundreds of your closest friends and music lovers, and several more bands!

This event is all-ages, so all of those 18-year-olds that are pining to see a live show, or our regulars with children will be able to bring the whole crew.

Stay tuned as more bands are announced this week, and head to Phog with friends to get your tickets and make plans for a blow-out party on Saturday, September 17th…after the students return back to Windsor for school!

Also on-hand will be local vendors selling food and other goods that will remind you why you love this community we’re all a part of…

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