Phog Phest 3 Final Details

The stage is set for the best attended Phog Phest to date…on Saturday, September 17th, in the parking lot that Phog Lounge sits within at 157 University Avenue West. This is a rain or shine event…

The bands playing Phog Phest 3 are (set times to follow):

Elliott Brood (Windsor/Toronto)
Grand Analog (Toronto/Winnipeg)
The High Strung (Detroit)
What Seas, What Shores (Windsor)
Explode When They Bloom (Windsor)
Fiftywatthead (Windsor)
ASK (Toronto/Windsor)
The Swillingtones (Windsor)

The event space will open at noon for those who’d like to pop in and watch things get started. Music begins at 3pm, and continues with very short breaks between bands until the show concludes at midnight. After the show ends, the outdoor bar will stay open until 12:45am, at which point we will ask for all remaining drinks to be finished or collected by staff by 1am.

This is an all ages event, so all of the wonderful parents that would like to pop in for a few bands (or more) can do so…and all of the fine teenagers that want to see the show can pay like grown-ups and see a great day-long, outdoor concert!

There will be a merch tent selling all of the CDs and t-shirts (and other stuff) for all of the bands playing that day. Their merchandise will be available from the time they arrive with their stuff.

There will also be vendors on hand selling t-shirts, art, food, and more.

We feel it’s important to recognize this year’s sponsors of Phog Phest who will have made this event possible by their generous promotional help, monetary commitments, donations to the bands and volunteers, and other unique contributions.

Thanks to St. Clair College Student Representative Council (SRC), Marz Media, CBC Radio 3, Wellington Brewery, SPOTVIN, Chanoso’s / Oishii / Tecumseh Roadhouse, Printhouse Print and Graphic Design Studio, Mettawas Station (food vendor), Dr. Disc, Behind The Wood, Nancy Johns Gallery, Ah Some Records (new record/music store on 2343 Pillette Rd.), SUEDE Productions, and more to come…

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