Phog Phest Bands – Last Announcement

I remember when Chad came into Phog, talking about his experience with music, festivals, organizing, and more while he was in Toronto. He had moved back to Windsor and was wanting to get involved, in any way, in the local music scene.

It took him exactly NO TIME to meld himself completely within the scene, as his experience with the NXNE festival in Toronto and his relationships with bands from all over Canada found him collaborating in many ways to host shows and connect local musicians to out-of-town venues and musicians. The next logical step for the visual artist and musician was to assemble his own music prowess.

Another Saturday Knight (now ASK) burst onto the local scene, supporting touring bands, setting up touring caravans of local bands, and building supportive charitable ties within the city that his band lent their services to.

Chad Howson and his band, ASK, will be playing Phog Phest this year…which makes us extremely happy, as their unique (extremely varied) musical stylings have been much missed since Chad moved back to Toronto for work/life purposes. There will be, no doubt, a fundamentally extraordinary performance by this local gem on September 17th. Get ready to rock…and bring some dough for their CD, Future Communication.

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