Yukon Blonde (Vancouver) w/ Great Bloomers (Toronto) and The Unquiet Dead

Our old Vancouver pals, Yukon Blonde, have a new CD.
They have basically reached their limits within the tiny Phog lounge…but they still want to play for the Phog crowd…so we’re taking the party to the Capitol Theatre next door!
Our incredible neighbours, Artcite Inc., are hosting the big party, with part of the proceeds going to support the gallery and the wonderful events they run such as the ultra successful Fahrenheit Festival that just passed.

The show begins at 8pm SHARP, with a strict schedule. When the show ends at 11pm, we’re moving things back to Phog Lounge for the beginning of FAM Fest! WOW. It’s going to be one LONG, phenomenal night of live music.

Also joining Yukon Blonde will be a band that played Phog a couple of years ago, Great Bloomers. This is folk/alt/rock at it’s best.

Joining all of them will be a brand new project in Windsor that has something close to ten members in it…and they’re called The Unquiet Dead. This is something a LOT of people are thrilled to see as soon as possible.

The show is $10 pre-sale, so come get tickets at Phog now while there’s still space. It’s way better than paying $15 at the door. Can’t wait!

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