Rebekah Higgs (Halifax/Toronto) w/ Pat Robitaille – Friday, October 8th

Rebekah, Rebekah, Rebekah….ah geez.
It’s been too long. And we’re jazzed that you’ll be here this Friday…yeah, October 7th.

-What’s that? You love playing here, and you can’t wait to get back?! Wow, that’s so nice of you.
You know, we think VERY highly of you here. Your music is so fun when that band gets fired up. Far more rockin’ than anyone expects…

And you chose a phenomenal local for your accompaniment. Pat Robitaille is a BEAST. An absolute beast. Not too many talents like him come around often. This’ll be quite the night. Can’t wait.

See you soon! Safe drive.

From Rebekah’s CBC Radio 3 profile:
“While Rebekah’s sweet, playful voice, looped on her Kaoss pad, drives this album, Odd Fellowship is underwritten by a subtle maturity and songwriting confidence – an admirable journey for a former theatre student who taught herself to play guitar. An album designed to take the party from late night to lazy brunch, Rebekah experiments with musical styles, shifting gracefully from melodic folk to psych-pop, with big guitar licks and tight laptop beats. Take the stripped-down heartbreaker “Miserably Together,” a sober reminder that nothing lasts forever, balanced with the guitar-driven electro “Drunk Love,” a relentless dancefloor release of whiskey and summer air, delivered with the cockiness of Beth Ditto, and the throbbing go-go beat of bonus track “96” (available only as a download on iTunes). Lyrically, the electronic-folk song “Youth & Beauty” bridges the gap between singer-songwriter sentimentality and the raw realities of modern love.

Now living in Toronto, Rebekah has been tirelessly touring for the past five years as a solo artist and as the charismatic frontperson for Ruby Jean, but has still found time to paint, act and launch a line of handcrafted jewellery. She’s somewhat of a missionary, too, as co-founder of Halifax’s new indie-music festival, Long Live the Queen.”

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