Adam and the Amethysts (Montreal) w/ Menos Mal (Windsor) Saturday, October 15th

When Kelp Records sends us musicians…it’s always impressive. And on the rare occasion that they summon us via email with a band they feel will do well in Windsor…I’m always eager to jump at the chance to book whoever they have in mind.
This time, it’s Adam and The Amethysts from Montreal…and we have the young hotness of Windsor’s Menos Mal bringing their folk/rock energy to the stage to join them.

It’s going to be solid…and only $5. We love doing this for you…we hope you’ll be at the show. October is going to be a wild ride.

From Adam and the Amethysts Myspace Page:
“Sometimes the most startling new music is the stuff that sounds somehow familiar. With FLICKERING FLASHLIGHT, Montreal’s ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS have lit up a box of homemade fireworks, firing psychedelic folk and pinwheeling pop, crowing for the love of all the old songs and all the young ones, too: the Beach Boys and Kurt Vile, Os Mutantes and Woods, George Harrison and Chad VanGaalen. ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS are a band of scrappy kids and Adam Waito, their leader, is possibly the scrappiest. Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, he moved from the small town to the big city in 2003. That’s the migration that still haunts his songs, but other changes stir there too: growing up, crashing down, losing friends, finding love, forgetting. While indie-rock chases chillwave, Adam is making a sibling hypnogogic pop: the whirrs of old VCRs, the gloss of old Polaroids, Sun Araw and Real Estate guesting on Paul McCartney’s Ram.”

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