The Sadies, Sunparlour Players, Locusts Have No King, and Field Assembly on Thursday, December 8 at The Capitol Theatre

The Sadies, Sunparlour Players, The Locusts Have No King, and Field Assembly on Thursday, December 8 at The Capitol Theatre! Are you kidding me? And the price in INCREDIBLE! Can you say “early Xmas gift for the music lover in your life”?!

$15 Advanced
$20 at the Door

The Sadies, Polaris Prize Short-Listers for 2010, are described on

“Music has always been a family affair for The Sadies’ Travis and Dallas Good. After watching their father, Bruce, and uncles Larry and Brian play folk and country music across Canada as The Good Brothers (members of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame), it was only a matter of time before the brothers started a band of their own. The Sadies may have grown up listening to punk rock behind their parents’ back, but good old country music was always in the house. Often dressed in tailored suits, the Sadies became the ultimate vehicle for the mesh of both punk and country. The band’s unusual mix of surf guitar, garage-rock, pyschedelic pop, and country music has continued to evolve on each of their albums.

The Sadies play with Blue Rodeo and Friends in Austin, TX

Surf-rock riffs, raw rock presence, the California country sound of groups like the Byrds and touches of pop psychedelia, nearly all of which was instrumental at this point, caught the attention of Chicago’s insurgent country label Bloodshot Records and the Sadies toured with alt-country chanteuse Neko Case. The label quickly signed up to release the band’s debut album, Precious Moments in 1998. Recorded by Nirvana producer Steve Albini, the instrumental album combined epic spaghetti western atmospheres borrowed from Ennio Morricone and took them into a dark and dirty bar where patrons downed shots of whiskey. “We don’t consider ourselves an instrumental band. We never even thought about it until our album came out and everyone filed it under ‘instrumental band.’ By then it was too late to do anything about it,” Dallas confessed to Now.”

Tour partners will be Windsor-area’s own Sunparlour Players who bring more foot-stompin’ fury than any others. They’ve played with Plants and Animals, Mumford & Sons, and Blue Rodeo!

From Sunparlour Players bio page on

“Sunparlour Players originated in the mind of Andrew Penner, but over the last few years, after extensive touring, Sunparlour Players can now be called a group. Michael “Rosie” Rosenthal and Dennis Van Dine joined up with Penner during the recording of the debut album Hymns For The Happy which was released on the Baudelaire Label in 2007. Now, 4 years later, the band releases Us Little Devils (Outside Music), their third album, and without a doubt their most diverse and strongest effort to date.

Growing up on a tomato farm in Southern Ontario, Andrew had his first musical experiences singing in the choir of a Mennonite church. These roots had an influence on the subject matter of Hymns For The Happy. The songs were about finding a home and settling in new places. It also references farms and migrant workers with songs like “If the Creeks Don’t Rise.” Their sophomore album, Wave North, was recorded at Blue Rodeo’s Woodshed Studio in Toronto, Ontario. The band experimented with homemade microphones, percussion, horns, strings, and a choir. Teaming up with New York producer Jeremy Backofen (Felice Brothers, Frightened Rabbit), they tore apart their songs and built them back up with a sonic force that hadn’t been discovered yet by the band. Wave North was on many “best of” lists of that year and word had begun to spread about their live show, helped by shows with Mumford & Sons, Blue Rodeo and Plants & Animals as well as their own rigorous touring schedule of shows in barns, backyards, theatres, and of course, clubs. The cathartic and euphoric live show was where the band won fans, converts and accolades and it’s the live show that they’ve managed to bottle in this album, Us Little Devils.”

Also playing this show are the folk/roots/rock monsters of Windsor…The Locusts Have No King. And if that weren’t mindblowingly awesome enough, Field Assembly will be performing as a DUO with Adam Fox doing his usual phenomenal live performance with Dean Drouillard who was recently in the area as guitarist with Sarah Harmer.

This is a hum-dinger.

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