Run With The Kittens (Toronto) w/ Speakeasies (Guelph) and Menos Mal at Phog Saturday, December 17th

This is one of those shows you book KNOWING that everyone that comes to see it will be raving about it afterward.

It’s been YEARS since we got Run With The Kittens into Phog. That’s why Saturday, December 17th is so special. This is the band that notoriously arrives in a full length black school bus with their band name emblazoned on the side in white letters.

This is quite simply one of the most electric, schizophrenic, hilarious, talent-soaked bands that bothers with our little building. They have ridiculous energy, and a penchant for wild antics onstage. We are THRILLED that they’re returning.

They bring along the oft-headlining Speakeasies from Guelph who bring a ton of rock, and fantastic Guelph peeps. They’ve been to Phog a lot more lately…and that’s a very good thing. Their last show with The Locusts ave No King was amazing.

Also playing this gig will be Menos Mal…who seem to be getting more and more attention with each show they play. They’re eager to get on this bill with such dynamic musicians…and this show will impress the likes of neophytes like me, or the accomplishes musician.

Bring a friend.

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