Joe Strummer Day at Phog Lounge via CJAM

There’s a lot of performers tonight at Phog, from every ilk, and they’re all paying tribute to Joe Strummer.

There’ll be loads of giveaways and draw-prizes. And Frank will be cooking up loads of the new menu items (platinum pizzas and plentiful poutines with TONS of toppings!)


The Rowley Estate
Your Best Bet
Jeffrey David’s Blues Connection
Allison Brown
Shrimp Yogurt

MC – Chris Crossroads

There will be a killer draw at midnight for Clash/Mescaleros CD’s, Terra Cotta gift certificates, Graphic Novels from Rouges Gallery, T-shirts from The Mill Tavern, CJAM swag and more!

A Super Community Event with all proceeds going to the Windsor Youth Centre on Wyandotte Street East!!

ONLY $5!!!

See you there!

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