Phog Weekend for March 2 / 3, 2012

Speakeasies are back to attack Windsor On Saturday, March 4th.

Club Thunderbolt prepares to have their FIRST show!

The Speakeasies – Guelph –
Bio – You’ve had a few drinks. You bump into this guy at the bar- space is tight – so you give him an elbow. You turn around and find yourself toe to toe with a well muscled d…ude. Suddenly, you don’t want to be you. This guy looks tough. Your stomach feels like the ground’s dropped out. You start to apologize profusely out of a sense of self preservation then the guy holds up his hand – “it’s alright,” he says, “don’t worry about it.” He gives you an easygoing smile. Then he turns to the bartender and buys you a beer.

That’s ‘The Speakeasies’. They’ve honed their sound into solid muscle. It seriously pounds. But then you hear the melody and you realize that this sonic muscle has soul and grace – style. ‘The Speakeasies’ are gentlemen.

Nobody Loves You from Garth Jackson on Vimeo.

Club Thunderbolt – Windsor –
Bio – They say Windsor/Detroit is in need of a renaissance. They say no one is left to pick up the pieces. But those who live and breathe along the shores of the Detroit River know that a true renaissance must come from within…

Club Thunderbolt is a new band born out of a gritty history of musicians who have lived in vans and played in dingy night clubs and concert halls from Williamsburg to Austin and back to “south” Detroit with such acts as Full White Drag, Mezzanine C-14 (NYC), Godhead, The Western Movement and Spine. All were raised on a steady diet of Windsor and Detroit’s DIY post-punk music scene. New worlds pulled them away but their love and belief in the spirit of their motor city roots brought them back to Windsor where these four friends came together for their own musical renaissance. What developed is a sound rooted in their collective history but with a new hope and approach to songwriting that alludes to a city on the verge…

“Nobody Loves You” is the first song released by Club Thunderbolt. The song was mixed by Greg Giorgio (Interpol, The National, Swell Season) at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport. CT and recorded by Adam Michalchuk at Sturgeon Studios in Windsor. It features guest vocals by Meg Farron of Windsor’s Grand Marais. A video for the song was produced by Garth Jackson of Toronto. The band will be playing live throughout the region over the coming months as it prepares to enter the recording studio in spring 2012 to record it’s debut LP.

The night prior, a band that shook the walls of Phog returns with varied company…
Friday March 2nd, SixtyFirstSecond comes with Leighton Bain and Ravenscode.

Honestly, you have a storyteller like Leighton Bain who woos the crowd with his rootsy/rock and then the rumbling barrage intensifies from Ravescode up to Sixtyfirstsecond’s clear, heavy onslaught.

Bring your attention, and earplugs on Friday night. It’s going to get loud.

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