Father Head (Windsor / Toronto) plays Phog Saturday, March 24th

BOO! by greeblie, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  greeblie 

What can I say…aside from “look out”?

Justin Faubert (of Golden Hands Before God) and Craig Gloster (of Madeira Gold and Fjord Rowboat), both renowned for their sometimes outlandish antics pull in a pal from Windsor (Paul) and a pal from Toronto (Wil) to put on an assault on your eyes, ears, and possibly a couple of other senses.

I’m sincerely confused about what to expect. I’ve heard about confetti canons, human-confetti-grenades, wet-dry vacs blowing in reverse…without any mention of the likely-psychedelia-soaked rock and roll that I’m sure they’ll pummel any attendees with.

In all honesty, just come for the spectacle…and if the music is as good as I’ve been told by some other people, then you’ll enjoy your night. It’s just the one band playing that Saturday night, so you know what to prepare for.

$5 at the door that night.

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