Rococode (Vancouver) w/ Sea + Air (Germany), + Benjamin Winter (San Fran)

Rococode (Vancouver) w/ Sea + Air (Germany), and Benjamin Winter (San Francisco) are playing Phog on an odd Sunday in March, The 25th. This is what happens when Canadian Music Week occurs in Toronto. We get KILLER bands looking for gigs on off-nights in Windsor…and we’re happy to oblige.

To begin, Rococode is a beast of a band containing ex Tegan & Sara, Said The Whale, and Hannah Georgas members. Holy crow.

From Rococode’s website:
“Rococode is an evolving band of four Vancouver and Victoria musicians. They have been working hard to bring fans into their world through a collective desire to make adventurous, badass and meaningful pop music. In fact, all the members of Rococode have ever done is make music

As for this music, it has evolved from a set of songs Laura Smith and Andrew Braun compiled over the last few years and has been shaped by a fairly random and extraordinary set of circumstances. From Andrew grading Laura’s music history papers, to meeting the perfect rhythm section playing fake jazz at a wedding, to a chance encounter with producer to be Ryan Guldemond on the street, to Johnny Andrews and Shaun Huberts getting some time off from Tegan and Sara just as Rococode started to get busy…

And as all things begin and end with the music, Rococode has set to making exciting new pop. Their debut album Guns, Sex & Glory is a little bit dark. A little bit playful. A little bit scary. A little bit thoughtful. All whipped together with the help of Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond (co-producer), Andrew Braun (co-producer), engineer extraordinaire Shawn Penner (Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas, Elias) and mixer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Polyphonic Spree, The Walkmen).”

Add to this…Sea + Air from Germany.

From Sea + Air’s website:
“Ten years of trying things out, writing, recording as well as more than 1.200 concerts
worldwide as the band DANIEL BENJAMIN, this married couple had a key moment in
the summer or 2010:

When they performed live as the support act to WHITNEY HOUSTON at Stuttgart’s
sold-out Schleyerhalle, they managed to get the audience totally quiet and in awe with
nothing but their two voices and they realized that they had reached their goal of
convincing a mainstream audience by just being themselves.

The decision to re-name their group seemed very much a logical, natural step for them
as the group DANIEL BENJAMIN had not been a solo project anymore for a long time
due to Eleni’s strong musical and artistic influence. The most significant feature of their
music had been the supernatural harmony of their two voices together, but it was also
their growing conviction that the German and Greek cultural goods are strong enough
to create unique and timeless Pop music.

Inspired by the melodic beauty of the baroque style of J.S. Bach, the experimental and
deep era of German music back in the 70’s with bands such as Popol Vuh, as well as
the architectural sound size of The Scoropions, the astonishingly catchy soundwriting
of SEA + AIR always returns to simple, yet pressing hymns typical for a nation
such as the Greek who have lived by the sea side for centuries and whose artistic
craft and melodies have been passed on from generation to generation.

When performing live, they both play in a very artistic way – up to 5 instruments each
at a time – sounds coming from tapes or other band members are not necessary
to put across their message.”

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