Phog Phest Prizes

For the first time at any Phog Phest there will be actual competition available for people to partake in throughout the course of the concert.

The prizes are incredible for those willing to pay a dollar to throw a rubber boot as far as they can. It’s only a Buck A’ Chuck!


It’s the Wellington Boot Chuck! Or Welly Boot Chuck for short. It’s an event we borrowed from the brilliant marketing at Wellington Brewery (4-time Phog Phest sponsor and a company whose beer we’ve had on tap since we opened in January 2004).


Dr. Disc Records will be supplying a $200 gift certificate to the winner of the men’s division AND the winner of the ladies division, and QD-Mac solutions will be donating an Apple TV device for each of the winner of the men’s division and the winner of the women’s division.


So for the price of a dollar and throwing a Wellington rubber boot as far as you can, you could walk away with $200 to spend at Dr. Disc and an Apple TV.


It’s just a Buck A’ Chuck! And it’ll give you something to do between sets.

Also, for those of you smart (diligent) enough to buy a ticket BEFORE the event, you will have a number on your ticket stub making you eligible for prize packages from Wellington Brewery, Steamwhistle Pilsner (our other very close beer partner / sponsored our Capitol Theatre music series), and 8 Phog Phest 4 posters SIGNED by EVERY MUSICIAN playing Phog Phest 4!

Nancy Johns Gallery has been providing these GEMS of the festival for 3 years now. It’s a much coveted prize. But you need a ticket stub to win one. So but your tickets before the show tomorrow to be eligible.

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