Dusted (Brian and Leon of Holy Fuck – Toronto) w/ The Walkervilles


$10 Advanced
$12 at the door – if there’s room

Our old pal, turned electronic superstud (via Holy Fuck), Brian Borcherdt is coming back to Phog and we could not be more elated!

Brian’s new gig is exciting.

The best music bio/description of his new project comes from Noah Love of the National Post…so I’ll post that below, because for the die-hard show-goers who realize that the next big thing could be on the stage at Phog any night of the week, they realize that we’re just happy to see our old pal again and cheer on this new awesomeness.

“For years, Brian Borcherdt was a “that guy” in the Toronto music scene. From about 1994 to 2004, he released mostly overlooked records with Burnt Black, Trephines, By Divine Right and The Remains of Brian Borcherdt.

He was a working musician, but famous more for quantity than quality. That changed in 2007 when Holy F–K broke through with LP. Borcherdt went from an obviously talented musician who couldn’t break through to one who regularly plays European festivals and has credibility to burn.

After using some of that cred on a couple of mostly overlooked solo records, Borcherdt has hit reset again with drummer Leon Taheny and Dusted. It’s better than Holy F–K by a country mile…

Dusted doesn’t sound too different from Chad VanGaalen and Women, but Borcherdt and Taheny have skewed the formula just enough to make their new project stand out.

Between Borcherdt’s guitar and vocal effects and Taheny’s multitasking on drums/keyboards, Dusted sounded a lot closer to a four-piece than a two-piece. Their July 10 debut, Total Dust, could be a knockout.”

We’re busting out the big guns and calling in The Walkervilles to host Dusted! God I love this band.

The Walkervilles are a three piece Motown/Rock influenced group from Windsor, ON; right across from Motown itself, Detroit, Michigan. The three piece is a sort of local super group, with Pat Robitaille’s unforgettable sultry voice leading the band. He is joined by Michael Hargreaves, writing and contributing on the bass as well as in harmony with well known musical partner Stefan Cvetkovic. Cvetkovic’s voice rides confidently over his dynamic and pushy drum performances.”

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