Ringo Deathstarr (Austin, TX) w/ Kestrels (Halifax), and Club Thunderbolt (Windsor) play Phog on Friday, October 12th

I’m not going to mince words with you. We never thought we’d see Ringo Deathstarr again. They have been on a roll since before we were lucky enough to have them at Phog. I’m equally shocked and thrilled that they’re coming back to Phog on Friday, October 12th.

Looking them up on Youtube, I’ve found many places where they’re playing to THOUSANDS of people. And this is old hat for them! They do it with regularity. And they are easily up there with Fiftywatthead and Lodown for loudest bands ever to play Phog.

A quick bio with some quotes:

There is a direct line between My Bloody Valentine, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Ringo Deathstarr. And it stops at Slowdive Central. If you retain any fondness for those three – and are mentally aroused by a spot of melody-heavy guitar pop – you will adore the ‘Starr – THE GUARDIAN UK

It’s a shame we do not live in a world in which Ringo Deathstarr is the name of Liam Gallagher’s new band – NME

The band sounds like it leaped screaming out of My Bloody Valentine’s blown amps – WIRED”

We had such a great time before the show…and laughing our butts off after the show while leafing through the Phog quote books…that we cannot wait to hear them again.

Also returning to Phog for this show is Kestrels, from Halifax, and on the same label as Ringo Deathstarr (Sonic Unyon).

“Taking the aesthetic of early 90s Creation Records and mixing it with the ethics and energy of the first Merge Records releases, Kestrels have forged their sound. They have cut their teeth as a ferociously loud live act, and the new record sounds appropriate turned all of the way up; it also warrants late night listening with headphones. “


Last but certainly not least, coming fresh off of their Phog Phest 4 set that had MANY newcomers talking about them, Windsor’s Club Thunderbolt are going to also mangle the moorings of Phog when they unleash their incredible brand of music on the crowd. I love this band…and the Phog Phest set made me an even bigger fan of this SMART, SMART group.

“Club Thunderbolt is a new band born out of a gritty history of musicians who have lived in vans and played in dingy night clubs and concert halls from Williamsburg to Austin and back to “south” Detroit with such acts as Full White Drag, Mezzanine C-14 (NYC), Godhead, The Western Movement and Spine.

All were raised on a steady diet of Windsor and Detroit’s DIY post-punk music scene. New worlds pulled them away but their love and belief in the spirit of their motor city roots brought them back to Windsor where these four friends came together for their own musical renaissance. “

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