Elliott Brood plays Capitol Theatre with Locusts Have No King and 24 Sussex on Saturday, March 30th

The University of Windsor Lance cover story this week is none other than the Phog-organized Elliott Brood show at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday March, 30th. It begins at 9:45pm. The event is being run in conjunction with Jam Space…who will be supplying a great band (24 Sussex) to the bill, and who will be holding an 8-band performance earlier on the same day from 4:45pm until 7:30pm.

Locusts Have No King, a time-tested rockabilly/roots band from Windsor will be their explosive selves on Saturday as well, playing second in a line-up of three. It’ll be so great to hear them on a big system again.

To see the excellent story that appears in the Lance this week, well…HERE YA GO.

Tickets are $15 for the Elliott Brood, Locusts Have No King, 24 Sussex show, and if you feel like seeing the youngsters that’re learning the ropes, and playing some pretty solid classic rock tunes, the early evening show is $10.

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