June 2013 Events Listings at Phog

Saturday 1 – Outer Islands (Waterloo) w/ James O-L (Windsor) and Leighton Bain Band (Windsor)
Monday 3 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 4 – Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk (Calgary)
Thursday 6 – Michael Januska reads from his new book Riverside Drive (7pm)
Saturday 8 – The Sumner Brothers (Vancouver) w/ Young Readers (Norman, Oklahoma) and The Dials (Windsor)
Monday 10 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 11 – Shooting Guns (Saskatoon)
Wednesday 12 – Northcote (Victoria, BC) w/ The Matinee (Vancouver) & The Treasures (Toronto)
Friday 14 – Kestrels (Halifax) w/ Cellos (Windsor) and Burning Love (Toronto)
Saturday 15 – Life in Vacuum (Windsor), Worry (Windsor), Toque (Windsor)
Monday 17 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 18 – TOAST Open Mic Poetry Night
Thursday 20 – Elise Epp (Toronto) w/ Keats Conlon (Windsor) and Levi (Windsor)
Friday 21 – DRINK AND DRAW
Saturday 22 – The Dials (Windsor) w/ Tea Leaves (Windsor)
Monday 24 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Friday 28 – Emerald Seas (Windsor), Sound Glyphics (Cambridge), Earthbound (Windsor) and Bloody Monroe (Windsor)

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2 Responses to June 2013 Events Listings at Phog

  1. Les says:

    Hi. Could you tell me if your open mic night is for Professionals? Or Amateurs? Or both?

    Im Looking for a pro musician Jam in Windsor… Just moved here from Toronto and looking for other pros… Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    You can respond to: lesterb@rogers.com

    Thanks! -Les

    • phoglounge says:

      There are people who play open mic who’ve been performing music for money for decades…but there are also people who try out new work on open mic nights to gauge crowd reaction.

      Our host, James O-L, has been a songwriter and performer for a while with his solo stuff, and with his band, James O-L and the Villains. He plays in between sets, and offers up his gear to be played (with care) if need be.

      And then there’s the odd hobbyist who’ll play a few tunes, but mostly it’s made up of people who play in bands or solo in many of the other music venues in Windsor and beyond.

      Hope that helps.

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