July 2013 Events Listing at Phog Lounge

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 12.31.16 PM

Thursday 4 – Matt Lalonde and the Dogtones (Windsor) w/ A. John Hawkins (Windsor)
Saturday 6 – The Dials (Windsor)
Monday 8 – Five Alarm Funk (Vancouver) w/ The Nefidovs (Windsor)
Tuesday 9 – Five Alarm Funk (Vancouver) w/ Silent Movie Type (Windsor)
Thursday 11 – Night House (Windsor) w/ From Sky To Space (Windsor)
Friday 12 – Field Assembly w/ Heavy Suns (Windsor)
Saturday 13 – The Eden Wells (Cambridge) w/ Steven Maxwell (Windsor)
Sunday 14 – Dead Soft (Vancouver), Sightlines (Vancouver), and Syzslak (Windsor)
Monday 15 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 16 – TOAST Open Mic Poetry
Wednesday 17 – DRINK AND DRAW
Thursday 18 – HIGHS (Toronto) w/ Better Weather (Windsor)
Friday 19 – Sophist (Windsor) CD Release w/ Bloody Monroe (Windsor) and Bleach (Windsor)
Saturday 20 – We Can Be Heroes (Windsor) w/ Pulp City Inn (Windsor) and Amity Beach (London)
Sunday 21 – Astral Gunk (Sackville/Montreal/Toronto) w/ The Noise Hounds (Sackville/Montreal/Toronto), Weirdonia (Windsor) Paul Jacobs (Windsor)
Monday 22 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 23 – Go Long (!) (Ottawa) w/ Dave Russell and the Precious Stones (Windsor)
Wednesday 24 – The Unquiet Dead (Windsor) w/ The Human Orchestra (Hamilton)
Friday 26 – Flamingo Bay (Hamilton) w/ The Fisher Kings (Windsor)
Saturday 27 – In(Our)Finite Space (Windsor) w/ Southern Treads (Windsor)
Monday 29 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L

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