September 2013 Events Listing at Phog Lounge

Monday 2 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Friday 6 – By Divine Right (Toronto) and So Young (London)
Saturday 7 – After Funk (Toronto)
Monday 9 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 10 – The Oarsman (Chicago) w/ Levi (Windsor)
Friday 13 – Al Tuck (Halifax) w/ Gary J Van Lare (Windsor) and Josh Fraser (Windsor)

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 1.06.15 AM
Saturday 14 – Phog Phest 5
The Besnard Lakes (Montreal)
Polaris Prize Short List of 2013 – Young Galaxy (Montreal)
Suuns (Montreal)
Locusts Have No King (Windsor)
Nefidovs (Windsor)
What Seas, What Shores (Windsor)
The Vaudevillainaires (Windsor)
Menos Mal (Windsor)
Eric Welton (Windsor)
Silent Movie Type (Windsor)
Dead Samaritans (Windsor)
Heavy Suns (Windsor)
Nocandu (Windsor)
Leighton Bain (Windsor)
24 Sussex (Windsor)
Of The Pack (Windsor)
The Blue Stones (Windsor)
The Fisher Kings (Windsor)
Middle Sister (Windsor)
Years of Ernest (Windsor)
The Line Drawn (Windsor)
Chris Crossroads (Windsor)
Your Not-So-Friendly Neighbours (Windsor)
Tire Swing Co. (Windsor)
FIX LEGEND (Windsor)
The Tyres (Windsor)
Paul Jacobs (Windsor)
A Welcome Breeze (Windsor)
Tea Leaves (Windsor)
This Machine Kills Robots (Windsor)
Toque (Windsor)
Syszlak (Windsor)
Learning (Windsor)

Monday 16 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 17 – TOAST Open Mic Poetry
Wednesday 18 – MOTOWN THROWDOWN with Dan Griffin
Friday 20 – The Marrieds (London)
Monday 23 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L
Tuesday 24 – RIOT GRRRL Tuesdays
Thursday 26 – Sasha Appler (Windsor)
Friday 27 – Lindy (Toronto) w/ Wax Mannequin (Hamilton), Repartee (NFLD) and The Unquiet Dead Duo (Windsor)
Saturday 28 – FAM – Lucifer’s Voyage (Windsor) w/ Red Audio Faction (Owen Sound) and Devah (Toronto)
Sunday 29 – FAM – Music Video Showcase
Monday 30 – Open Mic Surgery with James O-L

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