Phog Phest 5 Schedule

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Phog Phest 5 is the largest collection of bands to play one event in Windsor.
Phog Phest 5 is all ages.
You can drink you beer in the theatres, and move about within the theatre with your drink.
Phog Lounge will be a venue all evening.

You can buy tickets at Phog Lounge, Dr. Disc, Jam Space, or online at

You can order poutine at Phog Lounge, just like you would any other night.
No porta-johns this year. Real plumbing, cleaned and maintained all day long.
Theatres will be cleaned between acts.
No foamy beer, when the sun isn’t superheating it.
Rain or shine, the show will go on.
There’s lots and lots of seats if you’d like to sit.
The sound will be deluxe thanks to Long & McQuade!

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The Windsor Music Tangle is launching in the main lobby of the Capitol Theatre that day too! You can get some cool swag, and information about this massive archiving project of local bands and musicians. There’s SO MUCH excellent stuff associated with this project, and it can be seen here on Facebook.

When you arrive with your ticket, or purchase your ticket at the door, you will be given your wristband for the day.
You can move from theatre to theatre, and over to Phog Lounge with your wristband, as long as the space isn’t already at capacity.

The day begins at noon in the Pentastar Theatre with 6 bands playing until 2pm. These bands are made up of young musicians aged 9 to 19. They are all enrolled in Jam Space’s JAM ACADEMY (think School of Rock), which teaches them how to be good band members, band/musician marketing, recording, live performance, how to play original material and cover songs.

When the Jam Academy set ends, music begins playing on the three other stages.
We’ve done our best to book a diverse line-up so you have something different to listen to at all times.

Phog Lounge Stage (Capacity 60):
2pm – 2:40pm – Chris Crossroads
3pm – 3:40pm- Your Not-So-Friendly Neighbours
4pm – 4:40pm – Paul Jacobs
5pm – 5:40pm – The Tyres
6pm – 6:40pm – FiX LEGEND
7pm – 7:40pm – The Line Drawn
8pm – 8:40pm – Tea Leaves
9pm – 9:40pm – A Welcome Breeze
10pm – 10:40pm – Eric Welton
11pm – 11:40pm – Toque
12am – 12:40am – This Machine Kills Robots
1am – 2am – Learning

Joy Theatre (inside Capitol Theatre – Capacity 150):
2pm – 2:30pm – Nocandu
3:10pm – 3:40pm – 24 Sussex
4:20pm – 5pm – Silent Movie Type
6pm – 7pm – Tire Swing Co.
8pm – 9pm – The Dead Samaritans
10pm – 11pm – Leighton Bain
12am – 1am – Syszlak

Kelly Theatre (inside Capitol Theatre – Capacity 230):
2pm – 2:30pm – The Fisher Kings
3:10pm – 3:40pm – Middle Sister
4:20pm – 5pm – Of The Pack
6pm – 7pm – Heavy Suns
8pm – 9pm – Years of Ernest
10pm – 11pm – Locusts Have No King
12am – 1am – The Blue Stones

Pentastar Theatre (inside Capitol Theatre – Capacity 600):
NOON – 2pm – Jam Space / Jam Academy presents Twisted Logic, Tremors, Fall of Day, Legendary, Decades, Arcadia and Jinx
2:30pm – 3:10pm – The Vaudevillainaires
3:40pm – 4:20pm – The Nefidovs
5pm – 6pm – Menos Mal
7pm – 8pm – What Seas, What Shores
9pm – 10pm Suuns
11pm – 12am – Young Galaxy
1am – 2am – The Besnard Lakes

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