Indigo Joseph (Saskatoon) w/ Of The Pack (Windsor) at Phog on Wednesday, October 9th

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 10.00.15 PM

Easily one of 2012’s best shows at Phog was the EXACT same line-up as this show.

Indigo Joseph came through and stunned the crowd (capacity crowd) because they changed instruments almost every song…playing every instrument as if it was their best instrument.

We were just watching in awe. And the MUSIC was SO up-tempo and fun…strangers who’d never heard them before danced…they couldn’t help themselves.

Of The Pack was playing their first show publicly. They played second (upon my request) and SMOKED THE ROOM with an unbelievable set! I felt like I had seen something special. Because I had.

When the show was done, I begged Indigo Joseph to come and play Phog Phest 5. They were keen, but their schedule never found them in the area QUITE at the right time. But they’re here now, with a band that did an INCREDIBLE set at Phog Phest 5…and it’s simply one of the most anticipated shows all year.

AND IT’S ONLY $5!!!!!

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