Carly Marcoux and Modern Soul

Found this, being used as a bookmark in an old borrowed tome. This is something Windsor hasn’t known since Carly Marcoux (the woman responsible for this flier) moved away. She was the first promotor that ever booked a show at Phog, and she was a freelancer, ALWAYS booking someone from OUT OF TOWN at various local clubs. She introduced us to The High Strung, Brian Borcherdt, Julie Doiron, and many more. This flier was just for HER SHOWS. Not a venue. That’s the uniqueness of this item. Awesome! She took a small cut of the door, booked and promoted like crazy so she could see music she loved playing live in her city. People always say, “there’s this rad band you should book,” and I always think of Carly…and when motivated, I tell those eager fans about how she made those shows happen HERSELF. I wish this way of booking shows resurrected itself.

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1 Response to Carly Marcoux and Modern Soul

  1. moderngal says:

    Thanks for such a special write-up Tom :*) My best shows were with you guys – I loved being a part of your bigger vision. I’m so pleased to see that Phog will be celebrating 10 years of awesomeness! Way to go, and hopefully I’ll be able to stop in when I’m back home in the new year – much love to you all, and thanks for always supporting my events and letting me run away with as many dates as I could always get on your erasable wall calendar! ❤ xox

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