Lab Coast (Calgary) at Phog Tuesday, April 7

Lab Coast
There are show requests that we get at Phog for Tuesdays, and Sundays, and off-nights that we know will be difficult to find locals to accommodate with an opening or closing set.

We know this, and we book it anyway.

This Tuesday, we have a band from Calgary playing who reached out to many local bands, and had no replies. I reached out to local bands, and they said, “wow, this is great, and weird, and different, and we want to open, but we have a gig too close to this date. We can’t do it.”

I respect the locals nurturing their other shows.

But this leaves us with a really unique band, LAB COAST (Calgary), from 3000km away, who WILL be hitting our stage on Tuesday, and I think people should come and listen.

Below, I’ll give links and samples, and the bio from their website. If you like what you see, hear, and read…I’ll see you Tuesday.

Looks like Lab Coast sells cassette tapes!

Looks like Lab Coast sells cassette tapes!

“Lab Coast is from Calgary, Alberta. They play short, hooky, guitar-laden pop tunes and their member s have graced the ranks some of western Canada’s finest (Samantha Savage Smith, Woodpigeon, Chad van Gaalen, Friendo, Extra Happy Ghost, Snailhouse). The tunes are heavy on melodies, layered guitars, and bustling rhythms. They’ve released albums and EPs on Night People, Eggy Records, Faux Discx, and their music has been likened to Guided By Voices covering The Las. Their new record Walking on Ayr is coming out on heavy Canadian label Mammoth Cave in spring 2013.”

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