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One of the most important things that Phog offers musicians is the connection to OTHER musicians. That’s what curating an eclectic, talented touring act schedule can bring to a music community…it brings outside influence into OUR community. It allows exposure to OUR way of performing to traveling talent.

It’s really one of the most exceptional examples of trying to link local bands to touring bands for the benefit of all. Best case scenario: locals build relationships with people from out of town, and mini-tours become an option that didn’t exist before that joint-gig at Phog.

A PERFECT example of this opportunity is happening this Friday, April 25th.
Three acts from Detroit, including a guy who has been bridging the social gap between Windsor and Detroit (in bits and pieces) for years, are all coming to Phog for a special showcase.

When my buddy Phreddy (Detroit via Atlanta) messages about collaborating and booking a show, my answer is always yes.
He introduced me to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at a conference in Detroit five or six years ago, and then to Jamaican Queens in the past two years. He knows what’s up. He’s ON THE GROUND in Detroit.

And this time, he’s booked two bands and a solo act at Phog. Estuaries, Mountains and Rainbows, and Jen David. I cannot wait to meet the new Detroit contemporaries…and moreover, I hope the local music makers in Windsor who have curiosities about the Detroit side of the river come to mix it up. Not only because it’ll be a great show, but because they’ll be able to meet curious Detroiters coming to support THEIR friends’ bands.

Jay Clark Reid, a Toronto-native-turned-Detroit-dude, has become the booking guy at PJs Lager House. When he saw the show listed online, he texted to let me know how fun the show was sure to be. Take it from a FEW good sources, and be at the show on Friday. I can’t wait.


MOUNTAINS AND RAINBOWS is Matt Z (Tyvek), Jeffrey (gardens/genders –, Ryan (Moonhairy –, and Andrew (April in the Orange).

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