DJ DOUBLE A and Neoteric at Phog, Friday, May 16th


“Heyoooooooooo! We’re back! Get Right returns to Phog Lounge Friday, May 16th with your resident DJ, Double A, alongside London’s (not the cool London, sorry) very own, DJ Neoteric… This will be Neoteric’s third time with us, and you know he kills it… (and if you don’t know, you better axe somebody!)… Neoteric and DOUBLE A will be playing prrrrrrretty much everything under the sun, except, as usual, no douchey bottle service top-40 type garbage… (Come on, son!) Just think: fun, party jams… a bit of rap, a bit of house, a bit of bass-heavy stuff, some indie dance, some retro, some dancehall… you get the idea… As usual, we start at 10, and it’s free before 11pm, after that, it’s a very reasonable $5… I’m gonna go ahead and suggest getting there early, but that’s just me… Ok, that’s it! Let’s drink and dance and yell… See you tonight.”

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