Goodbye Party for Frank

For some of you, it marks the end of the reason you come to Phog. For me, it’s a bizarre and bittersweet break. Frank. My partner in crime for 11+ years has officially sloughed off the administrative tether to Phog Lounge, and is continuing to pursue another career…in which he will most certainly flourish. He offered WAY more than I ever gave him credit for, which I discovered when I took over his duties (haha – doodies! That was for Frank). He solved all the issues we encountered that I was clueless about. All the grown-up stuff. He’s already been missed. I spent the ages between 23 and 35 nurturing this place with him. Although we knocked heads about almost everything (and little does he know), I will miss having him as a partner, profoundly. Tentative plans include “one last hoorah” bartending shift next Saturday, February 7th. No bands. Just love for Frank. You coming to say goodbye to Frank?

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