Ashes of Soma w/ SieraSlave and The Kerouacs at The Walkerville Theatre!!

Phog is really excited to co-present this banger of a rock show at The Walkerville Theatre on Saturday, March 28th!

Big Productions and 89X are helping present the show, and sponsors include Wellington Brewery, Maclean’s Ales and Dr. Disc.

Ashes of Soma played Phog several times before they got way too big (drawing too many people to shows) for our little room. They still use a promo photo they shot in our bar YEARS ago.

PSYCHED to host them again!

SieraSlave smashed Phog Phest 6, and have had some crazy-impressive and energetic shows since then. Young, talented and driven.

And The Kerouacs are a Niagara band that keeps popping up all over the place in the Canadian indie scene. Damn good rock.

We’re particularly fired up to get into The Walkerville Theatre, as it is a BEAST of a venue. Tickets are selling online already at the advanced price of $10.

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