April 24, 2017 at 03:16PM

I’ve seen these popping up lately. I like the image. But can we talk about placement?

this one is stuck on the back door of Phog Lounge. I understand putting these in places that are derelict or blank, but putting something on a business without their permission seems presumptive on the artists’ part. This goes for stickers or posters or any other expression. If you just ask, a place like Phog is probably going to say yes. Or at the very least we will direct you to the best place to display it.
The reason this piece is in one of the dumbest possible spots is because it is going to be covered soon with the skin from the door that had to be replaced, which has a chunk of the full building wrap done by Denial.
what is your opinion on this? Are businesses subject to people sticking whatever expression they feel like on the building/windows?


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