April 26, 2017 at 05:31PM

DAY DRINKING returns to the Downtown Flight Club menu!
And something new…WINE!

Saturday, May 20th, the streets in downtown Windsor will be closed. Patios will be set up in front of 4/5 venues involved in Flight Club, with The Windsor Beer Exchange opening up their garage doors to the wonderful weather we’re expecting.

You don’t JUST need to love craft beer to come to Flight Club anymore. We are offering wine this time around. Each venue has paired with a local winery (EPIC) and will be offering 3 ounces of white wine and 3 ounces of red wine at each venue for the grape lovers among you.

Craft Heads – Mastronardi Estate Winery
Phog – Viewpointe Winery
Snackbar-B-Q – Muscedere Vineyards
Villains – North 42 Degrees
Windsor Beer Exchange – Pelee Island Winery

As for the craft beer fans…each venue will be offering four BRAND NEW BEERS per venue…per customer.

You will receive four 5-ounce pours of premium craft beer at EACH VENUE (100 ounces total // 20 ounces per venue) , which you will visit for ONE HOUR each.

You purchase tickets from the venue you wish to fly with (ex. buy your ticket at VIllains because you want to take the Flight with Geoff Zanetti and his regulars) and that is the venue you will BEGIN AT. You buy from VIllains, you start the day at Villains (at 1pm SHARP). Tickets are $40 in advance, whether buying a beer ticket or a wine ticket. Same price.

FIRST 50 people to buy tickets get the Downtown Flight Club giveaway.

Tickets are $50 for those who wait until the day of the event.


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