May 09, 2017 at 04:53PM

TONIGHT: revised start time (10:30pm)
Ghost Twin – Dark Synthpop
Ghost Twin combines roaring synthlines, dirty pulsing bass, dreamy guitar, and haunting baroque and industrial vocals. Live video percussion that feeds cinema through a cut-up technique imbued with occult aesthetics.

Vikings – Electronic Pop

Focusing on big sounds and the spaces in between, VIKINGS’ music is a dance-worthy and expansive synth trip propelling their audiences along for a helluva party.

Gin Ebony -Techno
Gin Ebony is a music curator, a writer, and a DJ with a passion for dance and an obsession with Techno. Her ability to craft an excellent set may only be outweighed by her enthusiasm to bring people together on the dancefloor. “Ghost Twin is made up of equal parts haunting melodies, eerie synths, and bass that makes you feel your skeleton.”
– Stylus Magazine “Ghost Twin’s combination of synthpop, heavy electronica and visual media make them one of Winnipeg ’s most ambitious music or art projects.”
– The Uniter “VIKINGS music is a genre smashing of both hooky rock and synth-pop” – A Music Blog, Yea?


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