Phog Lounge Line-Up:
6:30pm – The Universe Featuring Ray
7:30pm – Dan Hyatt
8:30pm – Max Marshall
9:30pm – Nique Love Rhodes (Detroit)
10:30pm – Case The Jont

Meteor Line-Up:

8pm – Stay At Home Dads

9pm-Serious Festival

10pm – Huttch

11pm – The Blue Stones


3 Responses to Calendar

  1. Jordan says:

    Looking to book a gig . The bands name is Stereobox out of Chatham . stereoboxck . DEMOS ,,,, Available all weekends in November

  2. Sean Muharrem says:

    Hi, I attended an event with my food truck last year called the Phog Fest, you had 10 different artists/bands performing throughout the whole day. We had a blast and were wondering if you were doing the same this year. If so could you forward me on the info as my calendar for the season is fast filling up. Regards Sean, AKA The Friendly Beast British Fish and Chips Food Truck

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