How To Book an Art Show at Phog

The first thing you need to have is a lot of art. Enough to fill the walls of our interior. The more you have, the more selection, the better chance you have of appealing to many tastes and selling work.

Next, you must have tags for each piece of art, with a price listed. If the piece is sold, mark it sold. But we need to have something that expresses the cost of each piece to all potential buyers.

Lastly, you must have an opening or closing reception. This means you invite anyone that might care about your craft (along with the general public) to come out and see your stuff on a given night (that we’ll help you pin down). You can make an event of it by booking musicians, offering food platters, or making it a themed evening. The more you put into the reception, the more you will likely see in sales on that night. We’ve done this before, and we know that this is the case.

The fact that you welcome your friends, family, and others to your art show is what allows us to offer our walls for free. When we get people into Phog to enjoy a drink while they celebrate your talents (and hopefully purchase some of your work), it makes us want to welcome more artists to do the same. Otherwise, we could simply hang a permanent collection on the walls and not be bothered with changing things up. “Hang it and walk away” is not how we roll.

We expect that you’ll either create a Facebook Event and allow us to promote it for your show, or that we create the event and you help us promote it. Posters are a good idea to circulate at Artcite, Artspeak, Common Ground Gallery, and more.

We want to help you with this process. Book your show. We book in two-week stints. Either the first two weeks or the last two weeks. You choose based on availability. Tom is the guy in charge of this now…so if you email to inquire about availability, something should get sorted out quickly.

4 Responses to How To Book an Art Show at Phog

  1. This is great!…. I will definitely call in the near future. Thanks for this!

  2. Christopher Tassey says:

    April 16th wall show at Phog will display County Life water color print’s by Derrick Tassey.
    Fresh Print’s T shirt co. from Vancouver will also be on display. They have a unique Heat Transfer series of T shirts with exploding images of the magnificent B.C Mountains!! All and every piece of Art on display during that time will be for Sale. Come C .B.C and Derrick Tassey!!

  3. derek cerovski says:

    dear chris: my mom says i was named after your dad and derek sanderson.1972 yo! come check out new paint by derek c not derrick t on march 1st at phog COMPLIMEMORY

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