Booking Information

E-mail Tom Lucier at with several potential dates that you’re hoping to book. Your first choice may not be available.

In the event that the best night for your gig is booked, you can search the line-ups upcoming on our calendar page and check if you fit any shows happening in the next two months.

*WE LOVE BOOKING MATINEE/EARLY SHOWS. This might be right for you if the evening you want is booked, or you might prefer an early show. More details below.

There are hyperlinks to all the performers so you can listen and check if your sound works with the show already booked.

Anything with only two bands, or a TBA, potentially has room for an opening set. Mostly though…we’d prefer one out of town band and one local…or just a couple of locals.

The best way to book a show is to have a local (or two) already slated to join you on the show. This is the simplest set-up for Phog to begin promoting the show quickly instead of hunting for local bands available for your show.

For more info about what happens after you book a show, read “FAQs for Bands Booked at Phog”.

Booking A Show At Phog Lounge? Here’s A Quick FAQ

I’ve compiled a list of answer to frequently asked questions to make your booking/performance as wonderful as possible.

Also, at the bottom of this message is a section dedicated to inform you of some of our favourite places in Windsor, that we hope you’ll make time to visit.

Do you book early shows?
ABSOLUTELY! We have many weekly and monthly events that we love to book around (with respect paid to the folks who already occupy those regular slots). We will book early shows with the understanding that when the show is done, the stage is broken down as quickly as possible to allow for the late performers to set up in a timely manner.

When are early shows?
Typically, we need early shows to end by 9pm at the latest. This allows late shows to get in and set up, to begin playing by 10pm or 10:30pm. Conversely, if there’s an early event booked, we are more than happy to accommodate a late start going even as far as a midnight beginning. If the crowd wants it, we will accommodate.

Do you have food?

Yes! Specialty POUTINE, which leaves everyone full of gravy-cheese-curd greatness.

Do you have food buyouts?

Can’t afford it. We can offer discounts on our menu to bands. Pints are reduced from $6.25 to $5 for band members.

What time is load-in and sound check?

You can come in and do a sound check any time after 7pm. The doors usually start at 9pm, so as long as you sound check before that, you’ll be fine. We need sound checks to be complete by 8:30pm or 9pm.

Is there street parking? Should they just load in through the front doors?

There’s parking attached to our building in the form of a massive parking lot. There’s also free parking after 6pm (city wide) if you can find a parking meter spot.

Usually, bands pull up out front, load in the front door, and park afterward in the lot next to us. On weekends, the parking lot owner charges $5 after 6pm…but during the week, he’s absent, so almost everyone parks there Sunday through Thursday for free at their own risk of tow-away.

When do we go on stage?

Shows start at different times each night. Weeknights and Sundays, we like shows to begin earlier (9pm) to get more students and workers out to shows and home to bed before it’s “too late”. Often times, we have monthly or weekly features that are earlier in the evening, and performers CAN book shows and play afterward. Weekend shows, with three bands (say) begin around 10:30pm. A little later sometimes if there are fewer acts on the bill.

What is the money deal normally?

We normally give the door money to the bands to split and share unless otherwise agreed upon.

What do you usually charge for a cover?

$3 to $10, but usually $5 on weekends is normal. Pay-What-You-Can events are often VERY profitable for bands as well. We place “donation” jars on all of the tables, and the response is typically satisfying for the musicians. Anything over $10 is usually part of special circumstances, such as highly promoted national tours…or extremely anticipated local support.

What’s your capacity?


Do you have someone who can work the door and/or sell merch?

No. The bands that are not playing work the door. In rare instances, patrons of Phog will offer to take cover.

The merch area is the same as the cover charge area, which means whoever works the door usually sells the merch…most often done by the musicians.

100% of merch money goes to musicians.

Do you provide accommodations?


Sometimes, if a band needs a place to stay, I can post it on the blog and Twitter to see if they get any response from willing billet.

Most bands use Priceline to find ridiculously low prices in the area of downtown or Huron Church Road.

Do you provide local bands to accompany the show?

It depends on how you WANT to work it.

I can help you by booking a local that fits the bill well.


You can do some research and find someone who would fit you well, in the Windsor area.

Are you going to get the local opener or are we?

We can find a local opener unless you have someone in mind already but we’d like you to reach out to bands that fit your style or that you feel will bring a strong crowd. If I were you, I’d ask ANY local band/artist for their how schedule around the time you are looking to play at Phog. If the locals are playing too often, look elsewhere.

Do you have any press contacts to promote the show?

One of the more prevalent, present, caring, and diligent media options for Windsor is the AVB Podcast and all surrounding tendrils of that organization. Local “big” media has been drastically cutting back on staff and gutting the local news scene. MOST other outlets don’t cover arts or music at all.

Windsor Star – Dalson Chen –

Patty Handysides – CKLW – AM800

Dan MacDonald (Live and Local) – Program Director CJAM – Music Director CJAM – Arts Council Windsor & Region (submit info by Monday 5pm) – Eric Bonnici – Blog – – Kristopher Marentette –

The Lance –

What kind of sound system do you have? What do we need to bring? Do you have a sound person?

We have a 16-channel mixer (ProFX16), two powered main speakers (Yorkville Parasource Series PS12P), two powered monitors and a small stage. We have 4-6 mic stands, which often get “lost” by accident when bands load and unload. We have four microphones. Three SM-58s and one SM-57.

We do not have a sound person, although almost 30% of our customers and show-goers are fully educated on the sound board, as they use it several nights per week.

When a sound person is needed, we can get one…or four…for a nominal fee.

What kind of promotional materials do you use?

Personally, I post each show on Instagram, Facebook and (our blog).

Posters, handbills, etc. are preferred. 10 posters will cover all of the places that need promotional materials.

We also use Twitter and Instagram – @phoglounge

WE REQUIRE THAT YOU SEND US POSTERS, we will put them up in the spots we think they should go.

If you have any information about the band that you think people should know, you can send it to me in an e-mail, and I will use that information in the blog posts and Facebook events. links to videos on YouTube etc. is very helpful.

And quite frankly, if you want me to better promote the show, please tell me if you are on Twitter or if you have a Facebook page. I can drive people to those places to watch your updates leading to the show and beyond….until your NEXT show.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARRIVE IN WINDSOR (AKA – Why you should show up early)

Lately, the more I think about the experiences awaiting tourists, visitors, etc., I realize I need to tell touring artists WAY more about the city they are about to visit…from the perspective of myself (someone with varied interests, and artistic leanings).

I hope you take this as an invitation to come to Windsor long before your load-in time, or sound check time. I know that the road doesn’t always allow for this, but if you make time to explore Windsor a little bit, I think you’ll find yourself liking this town a lot more than when you spend your entire visit within a block or two of downtown, wandering aimlessly.

This is a growing list of places I think you might be interested in visiting in order to:

  • recharge your batteries
  • connect with nature
  • exercise
  • buy music
  • eat
  • etc.

Ojibway Park – This link leads to a site that is TERRIBLE. The park though, is INCREDIBLE. I included the link to the site so that you can find it on Google Maps. It’s the last free space for flora and fauna to run rampant. It’s got trails, waterways, tons of deer, birds, raccoons, etc. I love this place, and if you’re looking for something to soothe the hectic style of the road, you should stop here.

Taloola Cafe – This vegan-friendly sandwich shop and cafe is the home of some of Windsor’s best eats…and people. Again, if a band from out-of-town announces themselves as playing Phog, who knows what kind of royal treatment you might receive. I love this place, and so do most of the Phog regulars. It’s located around the corner from Jones and Co. Vintage.

Pho Xic-Lo – Vietnamese Noodle House, a short drive (1.5km) from Phog, 1750 Wyandotte Street West.  Yum.

Terra Cotta Pizza – Wood fired brick oven artisan pizza (University at Pelissier)  One block walk from Phog.

Dr. Disc Records – Easily the best music store in the city, with emphasis on VINYL! They have a ridiculous used-CD bin, that I find tons of great stuff in on every visit. The owners are phenomenal. The staff impeccable. You will want to go here if you have a few buck, or if you don’t.

The Waterfront – Windsor borders Detroit (duh). But our waterfront is amazing. There are trails, parks, a sculpture garden, and a KILLER view of Detroit on our side of the water. There are many locations where, one driving down Riverside Drive, can simply pull into a waterfront parking lot and embark along the water for some rest and rejuvenation.

Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant – Unbelievably beautiful Ethiopian cuisine! Nothing like it even close to Windsor… The option for communal eating, with traditional Ethiopian music (Ethiopian jazz, like Mulatu Astatke) makes it a unique experience for anyone. Highly recommended.

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    My name is Jasmine and im the singer in a rock group called POLARITY coming out of Mississauga/Oakville area. We would love to play for Windsor…a place we’ve been trying to crack for awhile….. so basically we’ve recently have come off an East Coast tour and are looking to continue building support in our home province. We are 100% independent and can promise to rock the F out . .. You can check out our tunes and some video on our sites

    We would love to book with you sometime in the new year if you have anything available


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