Phog Design Challenge

Just a little challenge to our very sharp art-minded customers and supporters.

Kagan McLeod and his brother Sean McLeod (director of Steph Copeland’s new music video) are responsible for the amazing original mural on the side of Phog…the one with the dogs, birds, and woman holding a martini glass…

We have been trying to convince Kagan to come back to his hometown, from Toronto, to design and paint the FRONT of Phog Lounge. He is VERY BUSY, illustrating for almost every major magazine in Canada, and The National Post. He’s a BEAST.

We want our logo and….something…on the front to tell people what we do/are…and we’re stuck.

I think one of the things keeping him back was our inability to supply a design.
So, we’re asking for your help.
There are no prizes.
There are bragging rights if part or all of your design is configured into the eventual painting of the building. You see, according to his brother, Sean, Kagan plans to return to Windsor in early April (SOON) and we need your help before then.

The image at the top of this post is something I recently saw and thought, “Whoa…this is interesting looking, I wonder what Kagan and Sean can do?”

So, if we can supply him with some ideas, maybe we can have a wicked-looking little building form the front for our CBC Radio 3 celebration.

You can e-mail me your ideas or designs at or you can simply bring them by the bar ASAP.

– ALSO –
Kagan is not happy with his original piece of art.
So, his condition for doing the front of the building is that he is allowed to erase and redesign PART of the original mural. We’re okay with this. He’s a brilliant talent, and with his brother, will make something outstanding. He wants to remove the woman holding the martini glass…and we can’t say no if he wants to change it…
So, you may want to help re-imagine THAT part of the building also…or, take as many photos of it as you can to remember it the way it is now.

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5 Responses to Phog Design Challenge

  1. swear to god, I saw a video, or at least a series of photos -somewhere- online, that followed the painting of the original mural. do you have a link to that? or am I just imagining..

  2. Tim says:

    Don’t lose the orange slats! That’s part of the Phog’s charm – there is a modesty involved.The mural on the side with the woman and dogs could get re-done, as it is not representative of anything that has ever gone on in the Phog. You should get Amanda Crawford to come down and do her drawings of Windsor-area talents like Jamie Greer, Lefty, Kenneth, Leary, Hoppe, Tara, Copeland, Poirier, Murad, Denial, etc etc etc. That would be interesting, to say the least! 😉

  3. Sean McLeod says:

    Just to clarify a little on what Tom said my brother isn’t looking for design ideas but rather themes. What do you think should be illustrated in the mural. So don’t worry about drawing a dolphin smoking a bong in a lazy boy and sending it to Tom. (jk, do send that in, I’d love to see it)

  4. fretboy_1969 says:

    I’m thinking a drawing of a dolphin smoking a bong in a lazy boy… oh wait!

  5. Stephen says:

    I think incorporating the “CBC Radio3 Best Live Music Club in Canada” is important… In fact what might be cool is treating the fromt of the building like a guitar case.Paint a big “sticker” with the Phog logo, one declaring the CBC accolades, and if you have a lot of time paint in “stickers” and “buttons” of the notable acts that have played.or… perhaps a row of guitar stomp boxes with instrument cable wrapping everywhere, tangled around the windows and doors…just some ideas, I can picture the guitar peal idea though… perhaps incorporate both.

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