Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Great Bloomers (Toronto) w/ Doug Hoyer (Edmonton) & Trevor Malcolm Jazz Trio with Chad Howson

Saturday May 9th, we have a feel-good night that I have been looking forward to for weeks.
The style of music is certainly unusual, for what we usually have, with each performer.

What do I mean?
Read these quotes and click these links and find out.

From Great Bloomers myspace:

“Playing rollickin’ piano-based country-tinged college rock, Great Bloomers astound with subtlety – delicious hooks, stunning harmonies, expert musicianship, songwriting well beyond their years and a wry sense of humour that says we’re good and we know it, but we appreciate you coming, so thanks.” I Heart Music

Doug Hoyer: Little Things (live) from Jim Cuming on Vimeo.

And Trevor Malcolm…geez, what can one say about him?
He’s not easily found online, to give you samples, but to put it lightly, he is one of the most gifted musicians in this town..EASILY.
He will play trumpet, piano, and sometimes both at the same time to get things rolling.
Chad Howson will be joining him in this show, as he is celebrating the opening of his art show that was hung earlier this week.

Come out, see some art, hear some art, and make some friends.

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