“Comic Book Syndicate Begins Fifth Season”

“We’ve seen the taglines that read news, sports & weather” says Mike-EL, “why
not add comic books to that?” In his secret identity as a filmmaker, Michael Poirier
conceived the show as The View With Guys. “It didn’t exist, so we created it!”

Co-hosted by Daniele Palanca (Danny-Boy), George Rizok (J’orge), and
produced by Jolie Inthavong (G.I.Jolie) the Syndicate will start shooting episodes at
Phog Lounge again on February 22. That marks the fifth anniversary of the bizarre talk
show that started on youtube, expanded to TV Cogeco, and is now seen on various cable
affiliates throughout Ontario and Michigan.

“It’s a dream come true to flip through channels and see a comic book discussion
on TV” says Mike. “One channel is reporting on the presidential race, and the next
features a heated debate titled ‘Michael Keaton vs. Christian Bale’. It really does put
things in their proper perspective.”

George is proud of the exposure they have given to comic book creators. “We’ve
interviewed Chris Claremont, Michael Golden and Darwyn Cooke. Even if the show
warrants a footnote in the history of Canadian television, I’m happy!”

While millions flock to the superhero movies, is the audience for comic books
large enough to support its own talk show? “I think so,” says Jolie. “We’ve been
recognized on the street in Windsor, Detroit and Chicago. The audience is small, but it’s

“Comics have given me years of reading pleasure, and I owe it a to the people
that created them” adds George. “As a wise man once said: with great responsibility
comes…great responsibility?”

Join the fun at Phog Lounge for the live taping of their season premier on
February 22. For additional information, see http://www.comicbooksyndicate.com.

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