Feral Children (Saskatoon) w/ Riots and Revelry (Toronto/Windsor) at Phog Friday, July 6th

Feral Children is a strange and intense take on pop music filtered through the glorious tunnels of psychedelia, noise and electronica.” So says their online profile. I say, they’re a killer band that likely only gets better when live.

This band has these wicked sonic things going on with atmospheric pop mixed with that psych-rock that I don’t see come through Windsor very often.

They’re playing with Riots and Revelry (Toronto/Windsor) will be playing…which has a throwback element because one of the band members, Mike Herbert, used to play our Monday Open Mic Surgery WAY BACK when Ray Whimsey began the event almost 7 years ago.

It’ll be a reunion while at the same time, an introduction to some killer new stuff.
And Frank will be working…if that’s a selling point.

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